Color Correspondence

Tables of Magical Correspondence - Colors.

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You may not be aware of it, but you are constantly affected by the colors in your environment. Psychological studies have shown that human responses to color can actually be measured physically — red stimulates respiration and heart rate, blue lowers body temperature and pulse.

Colors contain myriad symbolic associations. Blue, for instance, reminds you of the sky; green suggests foliage, grass, and healthy crops; orange is the color of fire and the sun. Among Druids, blue was a sacred color that denoted someone who'd achieved the rank of bard (a formally trained storyteller entrusted with the oral history of a group). Christians associated blue with peace and compassion, which is why the Virgin Mary is often depicted wearing blue. So deeply rooted are these connections that witches can use color to influence the mind and produce magickal results. 

Orangeconfidence, activity, warmth, enthusiasm
Yellowhappiness, creativity, optimism, ideas, communication
Greenhealth, fertility, growth, wealth
Light Bluepeace, clarity, hope
Royal Blueindependence, insight, imagination, truth
Indigointuition, serenity, mental power
Purplewisdom, spirituality, connection with higher realms
Pinklove, friendship, sociability
Whitepurity, clarity, protection
Blackpower, wisdom
Brownstability, practicality, grounding in the physical world
Redpassion, anger, heat, energy, daring

Colors contain myriad symbolic associations.

Black, a color witches frequently wear, has many negative connotations to the general public, including death and mourning. To witches, however, black is a color of power, for it contains all the colors of the rainbow. It's also reminiscent of the night, the time when witches often gather to work magick, and of mystery. In spellworking, black is associated with the planet Saturn and used for banishing, endings, and forbearance.

The intensity of a color corresponds to its intensity in spellworking. Bright yellow, for example, brings to mind the sun and fire; therefore it can activate and invigorate a spell. Pastel yellow has a gentler vibration that's usually associated with the air element and ideas. 

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