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Before the invention of books, written knowledge was kept on scrolls. There was places such as the library at Alexandria, Egypt which was said to contain over half a million scrolls of knowledge collected from all of the known world. In most of man's history the majority of people could not read or write. Consequently, books were imbued with a mystique by the majority of people, representing knowledge that was hidden to those who could not decipher the writings. That which was most likely to be written down was the most important knowledge, which to early man was spiritual wisdom. 

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Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft.

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft has influenced and guided countless students, coven initiates, and solitaries around the world. One of modern Wicca's most recommended books, this comprehensive text features a step-by-step course in Witchcraft, with photographs and illustrations, rituals, beliefs, history, and lore, as well as instruction in spellwork, divination, herbalism, healing, channeling, dreamwork, sabbats, esbats, covens, and solitary practice. The workbook format includes exam questions at the end of each lesson, so you can build a permanent record of your spiritual and magical training. This complete self-study course in modern Wicca is a treasured classic―an essential and trusted guide that belongs in every Witch's library.

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft (Llewellyn's Practical Magick) by Raymond Buckland.

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