Practical Magick Series - Beginning Magick

Beginning Magick is for the novice Witch. Beginning Magick covers the simplest, most basic forms of spell casting.

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The practice of Magick is a growing practice. It's a religion for some, and for others it's a way to connect with nature and the spirit.

Keep these 3 tips in mind as you begin your journey...

1)  Believe.

Believe that, by channeling, focusing, and releasing the power of positive energy... you can increase your level of happiness.

Belief will set you free. And it is the single most important ingredient you can have when sitting down to do your first Magick Spell.

Every person on earth is special in some way. Yes, even you. And when you use your emotion, your desire, your heart, your soul...and point them all to a single purpose, you can accomplish much.

It's a journey. A beautiful, wonderful, Magickal journey. Like anything worth doing, it's not always easy... but if you work at Magick, you'll improve, and your life will improve over time.

Practice makes perfect.

2) Practice.

Make Magick a part of your daily life... even if it's just 10-15 minutes a meditate... or cast a a ritual... a daily devotion... something to keep you connected with Magick.

3) Finally, something most other Magick websites out there won't tell you...

You've got to try. 

Not only "try" from the context of performing a spell. But after the spell... you've got to do all you can to help the spell.

If you're looking for love, get out of the house... make yourself available. Smile.

If it's prosperity you desire... look for a job... or a better job. Increase your skill and value. Put in applications and resumes. Help the spell along by taking just a little effort.

The people that get disappointed by Magick Spells don't do anything to help the spell.

Put forth effort, and the universe will reward you 

Practical Magick - 
Beginning Magick

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