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Magickal Crafting and Spell Crafting

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Magick and spell crafting have played a central role in people's lives since before recorded history.

The megalithic sites of Avebury and Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England tell of a close relationship with the turning wheel of the year and movements of the Sun. The numerous roundbarrows scattered throughout Wessex and the incredible longbarrows speak of a culture strong in structure and rich in ceremony.

After so many years of suppression by the Christian church, the old ways are slowly returning to the land and peoples once again. More and more of us are drawn to discover the amazing "Pagan" customs and traditions nearly forgotten. We have such a wonderful, diverse culture to draw upon for learning about the old ways and to enable us to live, once again, with the... spirit of old.

Making and using candles in your magick.
Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting.

Scrying, palm reading, reading tea leaves, more... Divination is the practice of consulting some form of an oracle for messages, answers, or predictions of the future.

Herbal Magick        

Herbal Magick and herbal healing...
Herbal Magick and Herbal medicine (or "herbalism") is the study and use of medicinal properties of plants.

Learn about crystal, gemstone and metal Magick.
Their use is intimately connected with religion, ritual and magick.

The composition of incenses, blending of oils, mixing of herbs, such is the work necessary to keep a well-stocked magical pantry.

Everyday Magick, Spells, and Recipes.
You're about to embark on a journey into a familiar yet exciting realm.

Crafting Magickal Objects. Articles of craft merged with magick; of works of the mind and hand as well as of power. 


Learning and Using Tarot Cards.
From the late 18th century until the present time the tarot has found use by mystics and occultists in efforts at divination or as a map of mental and spiritual pathways.

The energetic and metaphysical connections between objects, beings or concepts.

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