Incense and Oil Magick
You're about to embark on a journey into a familiar yet exciting realm 

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Today, when the twilight curtains of secrecy are being drawn back so that all may share in the old ways of magic, there is a growing need for a comprehensive, responsible book of magical formulas that will satisfy the needs of those who would mix up the old brews and incenses-not only for magical purposes but also for the sheer joy in so doing.

The composition of incenses, blending of oils, mixing of herbs, such is the work necessary to keep a well-stocked magical pantry. Many delight in putting herbs to work, aligning their powers, mingling energies as they mix leaves and oils; but many more seem to be in the dark about such things.

Incense 101                         


For thousands of years, people have used fragrant flowers, plants, and herbs as incense. Using smoke to send prayers out to the gods is one of the oldest known forms of ceremony.

Making your Own Incense

Incense has smoldered on magicians' altars for at least 5,000 years. It was burned in antiquity to mask the odors of sacrificial animals, to carry prayers to the Gods, and to create a pleasing environment for humans to meet with Deity.

Magickal Oils 101                    


Our ancestors used oils in ceremony and ritual hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Because many essential oils are still available, we can continue making our own blends today.

Two Midsummer Incenses You Can Make        


Scent is power. It allows us to slip into ritual consciousness,

Make Your Own Lughnasa Incense                         


Incense, in common with all things, possesses specific vibrations. The magician chooses the incense for magical use with these vibrations in mind.

Make Your Own Imbolc Incense                         


You can make up a batch of this Imbolc incense that combines the scents of the season with the anticipation of the warmer weather to come. 

Make Your Own Ostara Incense                         

As with all herbal products, it's best to make sure no one in your group is allergic to any of the ingredients prior to burning!

Make Your Own Beltane Incense                         

At Beltane, spring is getting seriously underway. Gardens everywhere will be planted, sprouts will begin to appear, and the earth will be returning to life once again.

Make Your Own Samhain Incense                         

Samhain is the Sabbat when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, and the spirits of our ancestors can come through. We honor our ancestors and make them welcome in various ways, including burning incense.

Make A Yule Simmering Potpourri                          

You can bring the scents of the Yule season into your home by blending up your own batch of potpourri. Keep it in a Mason jar so it will stay fresh.

Make Your Own Magickal Simmering Potpourri

Scent has an undeniable effect on humans. It can cheer us, calm us, promote hunger and thoughts of bygone days. Unexpectedly smelling a perfume or cologne may make us recall memories of loved ones.

Six Magickal Simmering Potpourries You Can Make 

Love Simmering Potpourri, Money Simmering Potpourri, Protective Simmering Potpourri, Purification Simmering Potpourri, Psychic Simmering Potpourri, Magical Power Simmering Potpourri

Mabon Oils

Oils made from the herbs and plants of the season can be used in other ways to attune you and your home to Mabon energies.

The Desert Wind Coven

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