Tables of Magickal Coresspondences
Crystal & Gemstone Correspondence

Use them, handle them, warm them with your breath. When the time comes that a stone no longer works, pass it on to someone else, or return it to the earth.

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Precious gems, crystals, certain metals, etc have been used as amulets or Talisman since nearly the beginning of time. The Magical Properties of Stones can be divided into two main categories. The first category is ACTIVE. This is the YANG or the MALE. And of course, equally important is the PASSIVE, the YIN, and the FEMALE. Neither is considered to be more powerful than the other, since we need both equally to maintain balance and harmony.

To make use of the stones: Carry them with you, on your person, if possible, preferably beginning when the moon is waxing. You could make a necklace, bracelet, pendant, keychain, etc and attach the stone to it. You could also carry it in your pocket. 

Aventurine: Money, Healing, Creativity, Decisiveness, Growth and Success.

Amber: Sun, Clarity, Confidence, Discipline, Memory, Uplifting

Amethyst: Sobriety, Healing, decision making

Black Tourmaline: Protection

Diamond: Fidelity

Emerald: Mother Earth, Balance, Heart, Insight

Fire Opal: Samhain

Garnet: Loyalty, Passion, Love, Self-Esteem

Hematite: Grounding, Focus, Practicality, Clarity, Problem Solving, Confidence

Ivory: Spiritual Protection

Jade: Practicality, Wisdom, Attunement

Lapis Lazuli: Third Eye, Wisdom, Truth, Psychic Ability, Healing, Strength

Moonstone: Feminity, Balance, Soothing, Peace of Mind, Hormonal Balance, Selflessness

Obsidian: Fire

Onyx: Fertility

Opal: Secrecy

Pearl: Feminity, Focus, Peace of Mind, Purity, Gentleness

Peridot: Repels Evil, Calming, Prevents Anger, Healing

Quartz: Physical Energy, Balance Emotions, Brain, Intensifies other Gemstones, Psychic Ability

Quartz (Rose): Sexuality, Calming, Compassion, Forgiveness, Love

Quartz (Smokey): Repels Negativity, Ground Energy

Ruby: Repel Poisons, Vigor, Vitality, Courage

Sapphire: Prophecy

Sodalite: Clarity, Calming, Thought

Tiger Eye: Courage, Protection, Grounding, Beauty, Gambling, Luck, Money, Physical Energy, Clarity

Topaz: Healing, Protection, Calming, Creativity

Tourmaline: Electricity, Flexibility, Understanding, Objectivity, Calming

Turquoise: Thought, protection, friendship, balance, strength, vitality 

Nature totems, including gemstones and crystals, are said to lose their effectiveness if you do not handle them.

Use them, handle them, warm them with your breath. When the time comes that a stone no longer works, pass it on to someone else, or return it to the earth. 

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Complete Book of Correspondences: 

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