Introduction to the Book of Shadows

Introductory Material to the "Standing Stones Book of Shadows"

     Copyright © 2009 by Ashleen O'Gaea

O daughters and sons of the Earth, adore the Goddess and God and Be blessed with the fullness of life. Know that they have brought you to these writings, for herein lie Our ways of the Craft, to serve and fulfill the keepers of wisdom, the tenders of the sacred flame of knowledge. Run the rites with love and joy, and the Goddess and God will bless you with all that you need.But those who practice dark magicks shall know their greatest wrath. Remember that you are of the Craft. No more do you trod the ways Of doubt. You walk the path of light, ever climbing from shadow to shadow to the highest realm of existence. But though we're the bearers of truths, others do not wish to share our knowledge, so we run our rites beneath moon filled skies enwrapped in shadows. But we are happy.

Live fully, for that is the purpose of life. Refrain not from earthly existence. From it we grow to learn and understand, until such time that we are reborn to learn more, repeating this cycle 'till we have spiraled up the path of perfection and can finally call the Goddess and God our kin. Walk the fields and forests; be refreshed by the cool winds and the touch of a nodding flower. The Moon and Sun sing in the ancient wild places: The deserted seashore, the stark desert, the roaring waterfall. We are of the Earth and should revere Her, so do Her honor.

Celebrate the rites on the appropriate days and seasons, and call upon the Goddess and God when the time is meet, but use the Power only when necessary, never for frivolous ends. Know that using the Power for harm is a Perversion of Life itself.

But for those who love and magnify love, the richness of life shall be your reward. Nature will celebrate. So love the Goddess and God, and harm none!


1.  Know yourself
2.  Know your Craft (Wicca)
3.  Learn
4.  Apply knowledge with wisdom
5.  Achieve balance
6.  Keep your words in good order
7.  Keep your thoughts in good order
8.  Celebrate life
9.  Attune with the cycles of Terra
10. Breathe and eat correctly
11. Exercise the body
12. Meditate
13. Honor the Goddess and God

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Celebrating the seasons of life: Samhain to Ostara
Celebrating the Seasons of Life - Samhain to Ostara

     by Ashleen O'Gaea
Unique among books about the Wiccan Sabbats, Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Samhain to Ostara takes a different approach to explaining the holidays by taking an in-depth look at half of the Wheel of the Year. Rather than dissecting each holiday, Ashleen's goal is to take a broader look at them, explaining how and why we celebrate each, along with how the celebration of one leads to the next.

The first of two new titles from Ashleen offers a vision of the holidays we celebrate from October to March. This book covers each holiday by first giving us its history and original customs, then explaining its place in modern life. Stories are shared for each Sabbat to reconnect us with our lore and bring new meaning to current practice. Ashleen includes ideas for rituals that are ideal for practicing solitaries, covens, or Wiccan families, with special sections on what children of various ages are ready to learn about these holidays.

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